Finn (know as Pen in the Animated Short) is the main protagonist in the Adventre Time series. He is voiced by Jeremy Shada, and Zack Shada in the Animated Short.



  • Jeremy Shada voiced Finn in the series while Zack Shada voiced Pen in the Animated Short.
    • Jeremy Shada voiced Finn with a deeper, more mature, medium pitched voice, while Zack Shada voiced Finn with a gentler, child-like, high pitched voice.
    • Jeremy Shada can make Finn's voice crack while screaming, while Zack Shada doesn't (probley just once).
  • In earlier episodes, such as "Ocean of Fear", "The Enchiridion!", "Ricardio the Heart Guy", "The Jiggler", "Prisoners of Love", and "Evicted!", Finn had a young child-like voice, and to this day Finn has a deeper voice. That's because Finn's voice actor is getting older and more into Puberty.
  • In Season One, Finn's voice was more child/teenager-like, and squeaked/cracked more (April 2010), while Season Two Finn's voice sounded more mature and cracked less than Season One's (Around September 2010), but cracks more while screaming than season 3, while Season Three Finn's voice was toned down more and his voice usually cracks whenever he screams (such as "Too Young") (June 2011), but less than Season 2, and Season Four Finn's voice cracks less than previous seasons (As of April 2012).
  • Finn's child-like voice started to get deeper after "Ocean of Fear", dued to screaming.
  • Finn also has an "Auto-Tuned" voice when he swallowed a little computer, and in "The Jiggler", when he used it, his voiced went up higher than "Another Way", because Finn was showing more puberty in "Another Way" than "The Jiggler".
  • Finn's voice was more deeper at ages 13 and 14 than 12.


See above for Finn's puberty on his voice.

  • Finn was 12 years old, following "Mystery Train", he turned 13. In an early interview in March 2012, Pen Ward announced that Finn was now 14.
  • Finn is the only Adventure Time character to follow certain ages. (ex: 12, then 13, now 14)